Transitional words and phrases

Addition (thêm ý, đồng thời): also, again, as well as, besides, coupled with, furthermore, in addition, likewise, moreover, similarly

Consequence (kết quả): accordingly, as a result, consequently, for this reason, for this purpose, hence, otherwise, so then, subsequently, therefore, thus, thereupon, wherefore.

Contrast and Comparison (so sánh): contrast, by the same token, conversely, instead, likewise, on one hand, on the other hand, on the contrary, rather, similarly, yet, but, however, still, nevertheless, in contrast.

Direction (phương hướng): here, there, over there, beyond, nearly, opposite, under, above, to the left, to the right, in the distance .

Emphasis (nhấn mạnh): above all, chiefly, with attention to, especially, particularly, singularly.

Exception (ngoại trừ): aside from, barring, beside, except, excepting, excluding, exclusive of, other than, outside of, save.

Exemplifying (minh họa) : chiefly, especially, for instance, in particular, markedly, namely, particularly, including, specifically, such as

Generalizing (tổng quát): as a rule, as usual, for the most part, generally, generally speaking, ordinarily, usually

Illustration (ví dụ): for example, for instance, for one thing, as an illustration, illustrated with, as an example, in this case.

Similarity (tương tự, cùng với): comparatively, coupled with, correspondingly, identically, likewise, similar, moreover, together with.

Restatement (tái khẳng định): in essence, in other words, namely, that is, that is to say, in short, in brief, to put it differently In their advertising business, saying things directly was not the rule.

Sequence (trình tự): at first, first of all, to begin with, in the first place, at the same time, for now, for the time being, the next step, in time, in turn, later on, meanwhile, next, then, soon, the meantime, later, while, earlier, simultaneously, afterward, in conclusion, with this in mind.

Summarizing (tóm tắt): after all, all in all, all things considered, briefly, by and large, in any case, in any event, in brief, in conclusion, on the whole, in short, in summary, in the final analysis, in the long run, on balance, to sum up, to summarize, finally.

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Trần Tố Linh

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