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Ở bài giảng luyện thi IELTS, hôm nay cô sẽ chia sẽ với các em các từ vựng cũng như các câu hỏi rất hay gặp trong bài thi ielts speaking về chủ đề TOWNS & CITIES. Chúng ta cùng vào bài nhé.

Phần 1: Phần câu hỏi chung

1/ Examiner: What is it like where you live?

You: I live in a residential area of Hochiminh city, which is a busy town in the south of Vietnam … There are plenty of sport facilities catering for both young and old, and the shopping centers always seem to be packed with people. Besides, some of the eighteenth century buildings such as Maria’s Cathedral are particularly elegant.

2/ Examiner: Do you like living in the city?

You: Absolutely yes, I like going out with my friends, and there are lots of lively bars and restaurants in Hochiminh city, and it tends to be terribly crowded at nights. Moreover, I’m a bit of a culture vulture as well so it’s great to have access to art exhibitions and that kind of thing

3/ Examiner: Do you get many tourists visiting your area?

Mandy: Not really, I live in the inner-city and the area is a little run down … it’s basically a lot of high-rise flats and many of the shops are boarded up … so, in my opinion, there is  nothing to interest tourists in the city…

Phần 2: Phần thuyết trình

Describe a city you have visited (Một cách hỏi khác: Describe your favorite City.)

  • what is the name and where is it
  • when you visited it.
  • why did you like it
  • what are the attractive places of this city

and explain what influence did the city have on you

Sydney is my most favorite city among the cities I have visited. Sydney is the state capital of New South Wales of Australia. This city is situated in the bank of Tasman Sea and has around 4.6 million people. I have visited this city in 2008, after I finished my graduation and loved my stay there. Sydney had many attractive natural areas, botanic gardens, parks, and high rising buildings. This city has many heritage listed buildings that attracts the tourists and visitors. The Sydney Opera House is one of the most recognized landmarks in Australia and is a great place to visit.

This city is known for the dynamic cultural hub and it has many famous museum, galleries and art galleries as well. Because of the great architectures, warm weather and hundreds of tourists attracting places, more than 11 million international and domestic tourists visit this city each year. I had been there for about 15 days and I really enjoyed everything about this city. I stayed at a 20 storied hotel that offered a really amusing sight views. The transportation system of the city is better than many other cities and I could have been maintaining the track and time of my schedules because of that. I loved being at open & wide spaces in the gardens and parks. People are welcoming and friendly there. A tourist can get plenty of helps both from people and the authority and can roam easily without any interruption. I saw 2/3 art museum and some cultural festivals and those were awesome.

There are so many places to be, so many things to do in Sydney. Some of the attractive places are: Royal Botanic Garden, Hyde Park, Queen Victoria Building, Sydney Town hall, Macquarie Lighthouse, Australia Square, Sydney Opera House and many more.

I had a tremendous vacation in Sydney and I liked most of the places there and I enjoyed so much that I did not even notice how quickly the 2 weeks scheduled time has passed.

Phần 3: Phần câu hỏi chi tiết

1/ Examiner:  What are the advantages of living in a city or big town?

You: Cities offer greater employment possibilities and a higher standard of living to compare with countryside areas. Furthermore, as a resident of a big city alike Hochiminh, I can easily access any local facilities such as shopping malls or enjoy fascinating out-door activities anytime I want. Social services for example cleaning or nanny should also be considered as another benefit that serves people living in big cities.

2/ Examiner: In your experience, are city centres usually attractive places?

You: Some may be yes … especially those with a historical interest … but sometimes they’re full of ugly office blocksmulti-story car parks … Housing is usually much more expensive … and some people do not manage to find work so that they have to live in poor housing … it depends on the city doesn’t it? It depends

3/Examiner: What are some of the challenges facing towns and cities?

You: I suppose traffic congestion is a major problem … and the growth in out-of-town supermarkets and retail parks mean lots of town centre shops are closing down … plus a shortage of good quality housing … I think these are the major challenges …


  • boarded up shops: cửa hàng không còn kinh doanh
  • chain stores: chuỗi cửa hàng đồ hiệu
  • to close down: đóng cửa
  • fashionable boutiques: cửa hàng thời trang
  • to get around: đi bách bộ
  • high-rise flats: những căn hộ cao tầng
  • inner-city: vùng nội thành: phần trung tâm thành phố nơi mọi người sống và điều kiện sống thường thấp
  • in the suburbs: vùng ngoại ô
  • lively bars/restaurants: quán bar/ nhà hàng
  • local facilities: cơ sở vật chất tại địa phương
  • multi-story car parks: bãi đỗ xe nhiều tầng
  • office block: tòa nhà văn phòng
  • pavement cafe: café vỉa hè
  • places of interest: các địa điểm du lịch
  • poor housing: khu nhà ở tồi tàn
  • public spaces: các khu vực công cộng
  • public transport system: hệ thống giao thông công cộng
  • residential area: khu dân cư
  • run down: xuống cấp
  • shopping centre: trung tâm mua sắm
  • shopping malls: trung tâm mua sắm lớn trong nhà
  • sprawling city: thành phố lớn
  • tourist attraction: địa điểm thu hút khách du lịch
  • traffic congestion: vấn đề ùn tắc giao thông, kẹt xe
  • upmarket shops: cửa hàng đồ hiệu

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