IELTS Speaking – Part 2: Miêu tả a happy person

Tiếp tục series video học IELTS Speaking hôm nay chúng ta sẽ đến với một chủ đề mới nhé các em. Describe a happy person you know. Answer và vocab ở bên dưới nhé.


Describe a happy person you know

You should say:

  • Who the person is
  • How you know he/she
  • What things you do with he/she

and explain why you consider him/ her to be a happy person.



Ok then, I would like to answer the first question about who the person is, I would like to choose my neighbor, an absolutely charming guy. You know what, I see him smile every day. It seems like nothing can bother him. In addition, he always cheers me up when I meet troubles, but I can’t do the same thing to him, coz probably he’s always tougher than me in every situation…. I really think…I have a crush on him.

For the 2nd question about how I know him, how to say….probably from the day I moved to my apartment block, I met lots of troubles in settling down. He was the one who helped me get my stuff unpacked, move to my room, and then gave me a shining smile.

Now, I could answer the third question about what things we do together: Well, we have done a lot of things together. For example, we go jogging together in the morning coz both of us are such early birds. We also go shopping together, from shopping for food to shopping for clothes. He likes me choosing clothes for him as he believes in my fashion taste while I need him to stop me from buying things coz I am a shopaholic, I’m gonna spend even the last dollar in my pocket.

If there’s time left, I wanna answer the last question about why I think this person is happy. He is able to give himself joy every day, and to forget all worries and cares. In other words, he harnesses his happiness. He told me when I was sad: “Hey Linh, happiness comes in all shapes and sizes. Please don’t get stuck in unhappy moments. Lots of happy things are waiting for you.” Moreover, he can find happiness in even ordinary moments, just like watching TV, or just simply talking to me. He even can feel happy when he encounters problems. He believes difficulty is a chance for him to grow up. Each time one problem is solved, he looks contented.



Từ vựng

Phiên âm

Dịch nghĩa

Charming guy /ˈtʃɑːrmɪŋ ɡaɪ/ Anh chàng thu hút
Have a crush on / hæv æn krʌʃ ɔːn/ Có tình cảm với
Early birds /ˈɜːrli bɜːrdz/ Idiom dùng để chỉ những người có thói quen dậy vào sáng sớm
Shopaholic /ˌʃɑːpəˈhɑːlɪk/ Người mê shopping
Harness /ˈhɑːrnɪs/ Kiểm soát
Happiness comes in all shapes and sizes /ˈhæpinəs kʌmz ɪn ɔːl ʃeɪps ænd saɪzəz / Cuộc sống có nhiều niềm vui
Ordinary moments /ˈɔːrdneri ˈmoʊmənts/ Những điều bình dị
Contented /kənˈtentɪd/ Hạnh phúc


Chúc các em học tốt, 

Trần Tố Linh

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