IELTS Speaking: Đề thi ngày 12/3/2016

Đề do học sinh lớp mình báo về, bạn ấy được hẳn 7.0 cho đề này đấy các bạn ạ ^^.

Có bạn nào muốn thử brainstorm ideas cho đề bên dưới không? Có tham gia là có quà nhé 😀
Part 1:
  1. Benefits of working in group?
  2. Disadvantages of group working?
  3. What can you gain from that?
Part 2:
Describe something you did in your life that was a success.
You should say:
  • what success you did achieve?
  • When it happened ?
  • how you could achieve ?
and why you consider that is a success?
Part 3: 
  1. Do you think that in your country academic success is more valued than other kinds of achievement, for example achievements in sport? and why?
  2. Some people think that a successful person is someone who makes a lot of money. Do you agree or disagree? why?


Chúc các bạn học tốt, 

Trần Tố Linh

Giảng viên IELTS quận Bình Thạnh


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